I’m a new mom!!!!

So we had our first (and only) child, a baby boy named Logan, on November 23, 2013. We weren’t planning on having any children so this came as quite a shock to us (thanks N@#aring!)  Bringing home a newborn changed our lives in ways that no one could ever imagine until it actually happens to you.  Even with the round the clock feedings (I am still breastfeeding), 188 diapers a week, serious lack of sleep that the third trimester only partly helped you prepare for and the feeling like your life as you knew it is gone forever, you look down and have to think to yourself–damn I made that!  I am freaking awesome, I made a human.  And maybe he/she is totally dependent on me right now but I am their sun, moon and stars and the love we share is indescribable.  And one day you will wipe my butt and change my diapers because I’ve put some serious diaper duty down in the books ha ha!   I have to say we broke the mold with the cutest, happiest, most amazing baby that anyone could ever dream of.  Seriously, I’m not just saying this because I’m bias and he’s mine!  Any way, The Pinups Pantry has officially become a lifestyle blog about my totally awesome son and how he fulfills my life, (and makes me want to pull my hair out occasionally like right now when he is refusing to nap even though he desperately needs it) food, baking, fashion and travel. That is of course when I have the time, which every new, breastfeeding mother has at 3am while feeding.  Enjoy everyone!

The other love of my life

The other love of my life



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