Attention Parents…This book is a MUST READ!!

I came across a book, I Heart My Little A-Holes by Karen Alpert, and I have to say that it is HILARIOUS!!!  I literally downloaded it to my iPad immediately because just the few excerpts I read had me in stitches.  I also purchased a copy for my little sister for Mother’s Day.  Definitely not for those of you that deplore vulgarity–I work in construction and have the mouth of a sailor so it definitely doesn’t bother me.  It’s basically about all of the crazy things that parents go through with their kids.  All of the things we think in our heads but mostly never verbalize.  Almost like the Scrubs version of parenthood. Now that I’m a new mom I totally get a lot of the things I didn’t quite empathize with when I was sans child.  Well, Karen Alpert has a blog named Baby Sideburns and I have most definitely subscribed to that for some late night breastfeeding reading.  She is a riot.


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