52 Weeks of Pinterest

ha ha ha!

ha ha ha!

So I have been online hoarding–er I mean pinning on Pinterest for several years now.  I have accumulated quite an impressive bunch of boards with some really cool things, recipes, projects, etc. however I rarely actually make any of them happen in real life.  The time is now.  This electronic hoarding for no reason is coming to an end.  I mean it’s not considered hoarding if you actually use it for good, right?  While talking with my closest friend last week, we both came to the conclusion that we need to start taking our pins and either making those crafts or cooking that delicious recipe we found…or even better making that cocktail that is calling my name.  So check back weekly for my newest recipe that I found on Pinterest but adapted to my own specifications (because I never follow a recipe without tweaking it to my own taste after all.) Next post is my Banana Nut Bread with Bourbon Butter Sauce.  I’m eating it now and it’s damn good.



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    • I’m so glad this made you laugh! I was so disappointed because right after I got married in 2009 I discovered Pinterest in it’s early days. So I started pinning to the wedding I would have had if I had known Pinterest existed before my wedding Board ha ha!


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